New World Order

Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren adn Porsche. Four of the world’s biggest names in performance cars have just rewritten the go-fast rule book, made electric power cool and changed motoring for ever.


Total Power: 718kW

Petrol power: 598kW

Acceleration (0-300Km/H): 15.5 sec

Redline : 9250 rpm

Weight: 1255kg (dry)

Total power-to-weight: 564kW/tonne

Total Torque: 900Nm

McLaren P1

Total power: 674kW

Petrol power: 542kW

Acceleration (0-300Km/H): 17.0 sec

Redline : 7500 rpm

Weight: 1280kg (dry, estimated)

Total power-to-weight: 522kW/tonne

Total Torque: 900Nm

Porsche 918

Total Power: 575kW

Petrol power:430kW

Acceleration (0-300Km/H): N/A

Redline : 8500 rpm

Weight: 1700kg (dry)

Total power-to-weight: 338kW/tonne

Total Torque: 750Nm


Total power: 552kW

Petrol power: 552kW

Acceleration (0-300Km/H): N/A

Redline : 8500 rpm

Weight: 1450kg (dry)

Total power-to-weight: 381kW/tonne

Total Torque:6 90Nm

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